Trees make way to roads in Udupi

Trees make way to roads in Udupi

Trees make way to roads in Udupi

The ongoing road widening process here in Udupi and Manipal has resulted in uprooting countless trees and unbearable temperature.  The age-old trees are seen felled mercilessly for the sake of widening the roads. These trees with their elongated branches stretched across the area were once the shelters offering shade to the public.

One can come across concrete structures all the way around without the glimpse of greenish pastures. Eyes fail to explore even a single tree across the stretches. The scorching heats that tumble down on the concreted stretches get reflected exerting enormous heat in the area.

According to Udupi Range Forest Officer Prakash, as many as 257 trees have been felled for the road widening works from Karavali junction to Manipal Syndicate bank junction till date.

For development

Speaking to Deccan Herald, CMC Commissioner Gokuldas Nayak pointed out that it is necessary to lose a bit to gain profit. This is the typical concept that regulates the world. Those trees could not be spared since we had to widen the road. Some were very old. They would disrupt normal life later, in any case. However, measures will be taken to substitute for the loss by taking up afforestation works in future, he added.


Range Forest Officer Prakash informed Deccan Herald that a project is being taken up to replace each felled tree with two saplings during the monsoon. Nearly 514 saplings will substitute the loss in the coming days. The project will be taken up in Doddannagudde area, Perampali and Manipal Alevoor road. If space permits saplings will be planted on either side of the widened stretches.

The department may go for maximum number of plantations depending on land availability. The Social forest wing of the department in involved in the afforestation process for 3 to 4 years. It has been successful in planting more than 1,500 plants in the municipality area near Ajjarakadu, he added.