Mumbai-Ahm route had 100% occupancy: WR clarifies

Mumbai-Ahm route had 100% occupancy: WR clarifies

Mumbai-Ahm route had 100% occupancy: WR clarifies

Western Railways has said the Mumbai-Ahmedabad route has seen a little over 100% occupancy between July and September, rubbishing claims that the segment ran in loss.

The revelation comes after the railways' response to an RTI query claimed that the Mumbai-Ahmedabad section had nearly 40% vacancy during the July-September period. Railway Minister Piyush Goyal retweeted the clarification.

WR's Chief Commercial Manager Manjit Singh replied to the RTI queries of activist Anil Galgali with detailed figures on the vacancies of seats in the route, confirming that the railways had incurred Rs 30 crore losses in the three month period. He also said the vacancy was 40% from Mumbai to Ahmedabad and 44% from Ahmedabad to Mumbai.

Chief Public Relations Officer Ravinder Bhakar refuted claims of loss in earnings due to vacancies in the three-month period, pointing out that WR had earned Rs 233 crore.

One of the busiest routes in the Indian Railways, the Mumbai-Ahmedabad route has nine direct trains between the cities and 25 trains to forward destinations via Ahmedabad. The route also serves important en route destinations and industrial towns like Vadodara, Bharuch, Surat, Vapi and Valsad among others.

The route has different types of services right from Shatabdi and Duronto express trains to Double Decker, Superfast, Mail/Express and passenger trains.

Except for the Duronto Express, the direct trains between Mumbai and Ahmedabad have halts at several en route stations. The birth potential or total available births for booking in the trains between July 1 to September 30 was 8,03,150. The actual passenger bookings were 8,30,978, amounting to total occupancy rate of 103%. The rate was also 103% in the return direction.

Besides the direct service, 25 long distant trains are operated in the Mumbai-Ahmedabad sector that goes beyond Ahmedabad. The birth potential for these trains for the three months amounted to 10,70,719, while the actual passenger bookings were 12,30,585, which comes up to 115% occupancy rate.

Bhakar clarified that the RTI response had only counted the occupancy Mumbai Central and Ahmedabad and reverse. It failed to compute passengers from originating stations to en route stations; intermediate stations to intermediate stations; intermediate stations to destination stations.