Demonetisation anniversary: Watch these videos to remember note ban

Demonetisation anniversary: Watch these videos to remember note ban

A year has passed since Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the surprise move of demonetisation or note ban.

Brought in to curb black money and to encourage the agenda of digital India, the move still polarizes the public at large. Today on its first anniversary, it is simultaneously being celebrated and denounced.

It may therefore be useful to look back on the chaos that ensued on that monumental day. In the immediate aftermath of the note ban last year, DH reported extensively from the field, and captured the frustration and suffering of the common man.  

Here is a look at the initial impact on people and markets after the first major economic exercise of the NDA government:

People's reaction to the intial announcement of the note ban

Reaction of people to the long queues in front of banks and ATM machines.

Impact of note ban on Bengaluru’s iconic K R Market

Demonetisation move affecting single screen theatres in Bengaluru

Congress and the Left parties protesting against the Central government's demonetisation

Bengaluru’s favourite annual event Kadalekai Parishe or groundnut fair dampened due to note ban

People's mood On Dec 1, first pay day after note ban

What was the impact of note ban on auto drivers in Bengaluru?

A photo exhibition on demonetisation by K Venkatesh, a noted news photographer

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