10 Hyd varsity students suspended

10 Hyd varsity students suspended

In a move that could trigger unrest in the University of Hyderabad (UoH), on Wednesday the authorities suspended 10 students for different periods of time from academics and hostels following raids.

While seven students were suspended for six months, three others were suspended for two years.

According to the student unions, Pratyush, Ahitha Unni and Sagnik Saha were suspended for two years.

Tinanjali, Kesarban, Sahith Mandapalli, Erukala Venkateswar, Arpith Sankar and Yamarthi Saikumar were among the others suspended for a period of six months.

The UoH authorities said: "The competent authority has approved the report and recommendations of the committee that has held students guilty on the charges of unauthorised entry of outsiders into the hostel room, refusal to show the identity cards, switching off the lights, sloganeering against the wardens, physical intimidation, verbal assault, preventing officials from delivering their duties etc".

The three students found guilty of grave charges have been suspended for two years from academic programmes and hostel and seven students found guilty of indulging in related acts of stopping the wardens and security staff from discharging their duties have been suspended for six months from academic programmes and hostel, the statement said.

The committee also appreciated efforts of some of the students for their timely intervention to defuse the situation and they were issued Letters of Appreciation.

Eighteen months ago, the university suspended Rohith Vemula and four other research scholars under similar circumstances.

Rohith later committed suicide. "The authorities are trying to portray lady students going to boy's hostel as a blasphemy. It is nothing but imposition of Brahminical culture," a student leader said.

The authorities raided men's hostel last month, based on a complaint by the hostel warden that he was assaulted.


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