'I am enjoying the rush'

'I am enjoying the rush'

'I am enjoying the rush'

'I am enjoying the rush'


Greek-Swedish actor Elli Avram was always drawn to the southern part of the country but she never got a chance to work there till the Kannada-Tamil remake of 'Queen' came by. The role and the opportunity to work with established actors down South made her accept the project without a second thought. Since it is a remake, the basic script remains the same, barring a few changes. The actor, who is all set to dub for the film, is also busy taking lessons in Kannada and Tamil. In an interview  Elli talks about her Kannada debut and her future plans.


Were you excited when you were offered the Kannada remake of 'Queen'?

My role is that of a bold and outspoken girl. I found these character traits pretty interesting because it is a lot like how I am in real life.

What took you so long to take up work down South?

I was always open to working in South Indian cinema, but I never found the right script. Having lived in Mumbai, I always found places in the South to be very exotic. I feel connected to the people and places here. Even the languages spoken here have a melodic ring to it.

Are you in favour of working in remakes?

There is nothing wrong with remakes. I am keen on working on performance-oriented characters and I have found that in 'Queen'. I am also getting an opportunity to learn to speak Kannada, Tamil and French.

How are your Kannada lessons going on?

It is going well. It is taking me a lot of time and effort to get the pronunciation and accent right. But I like these challenges because they help me grow as an actor.

How was it working with director Ramesh Aravind?

Ramesh sir is passionate about his craft. He is so full of energy and always has a positive spirit. I admire his commitment and dedication towards his work.

What else are you working on?

I am hosting the 'The Great Indian Laughter Challenge' with Akshay Kumar. I have enjoyed every moment of working with him because his pranks can be quite lively and entertaining.

Are you enjoying the rush?


There are days when I travel continuously. There is a lot of pressure but I am enjoying the rush because it gives me new experiences everyday.


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