'I always wanted to be in movies'

'I always wanted to be in movies'

'I always wanted to be in movies'

As a child, Sanjana Shetty  remembers posing in front of the mirror, mouthing elaborate movie lines and dancing to film numbers. Her passion for the film industry remained strong over the years and she looked forward to explore any opportunity that could get her noticed
in Sandalwood. Little did the interior design graduate-turned-model know that she would live her dream through the upcoming movie 'Cafe Garage'. In a candid conversation with Tini Sara Anien,  she  talks about her exciting entry into the movie industry.


 Tell us about your baby steps into the industry...

I  did modelling for a bit after which I joined an airline as a cabin crew. My interest in films kept me going and I did many auditions. I  did a cameo role in 'Chamak', which stars Ganesh, and in 'Garuda'. Before I knew it, there were more projects coming my way. I  am now shooting for 'Cafe Garage'.  


 What about movies excite you?

I always wanted to be in movies. I never watched Cartoon Network as a child. My father had a lot of movie videocassettes with him and I would always watch them.  


 How did 'Cafe Garage' come your way?

Actor Karunya is a friend and she told me that she was working on a project. I told her that I wanted to audition for it. I sent my photographs and the team and director Pawan Ranadheer  shortlisted my  profile and I was a part of the project. I cannot  explain how happy I am.  


 Your role in 'Cafe Garage'...

I play a simple Mysuru girl and the daughter of Cafe Garage's owner. I play Ananya who is a typical girl-next-door.  


 Are you like Ananya?

I am  a simple person but I do not wear traditional attire. I am more broad-minded than Ananya but when it comes to meeting new people, I am cautious.  


 What do you like most about the film?

I always wanted  to work with a supportive team and even though the director is a new person, the team is a sportive one. The  movie  is a youth-centric one and the  subject is treated  freshly. The characterisation will make it stand out.


 How  challenging has the journey been so far?

There are many interesting experiences that fresh faces go through. There are some people who misguide you. Just like any other industry, there are good and bad people there. One has to be judgemental and careful. One shouldn't hurry when it comes to accepting movie offers as things can go wrong. Patience is an important virtue.


Do you believe that female actors are treated equally?

It all depends on the project and the roles. If it is a women-oriented project, then the female lead is given more importance.


What's next on your list?

My next movie will be 'Jintha'.  I play the role of a politician's daughter who is haughty.  The role will be  very similar to Deepika Padukone's character in 'Cocktail'.  


Define yourself as an actor...

I am a director's actor. I strongly believe that a script is a director's vision and I always want to do justice to it.


Some things you never step out without...

My mobile phone, red lipstick and my best confident smile.  

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