Bullock cart race draws huge crowd

Bullock cart race draws huge crowd

Bullock cart race draws huge crowd

The bullock cart race, held as a part of the annual feast of goddess Banashankari, at Hebbale village, near Kushalnagar on Monday, drew a large crowd.

Residents from Hampapura, Saragoory, Chamarajakote, Mallinathapura, Mysuru, Hassam, Chikkamagaluru too participated.

As many as 25 bullock carts participated in the 100-meter race organised by Madari Yuvaka Sangha at Government Model Primary School grounds.

The Banashankari Jatra, celebrated ahead of the harvest season was attended by enthusiastic crowds.

The Sangha has been organising the event for the past 16 years, in a bid to keep the rural tradition associated with religious festivities alive.

The winner of the event was given a gold medal (weighing eight gram) and the runner-up bagged a five-gram gold medal.

Sports held as a part of the annual fair was inaugurated by ZP Standing Committee on Agriculture President, H R Srinivas.

Kabaddi, volleyball, cricket, rangoli, running race, musical chair, and tug of war competitions were held.

The winners in a race in which participants were required to fix wheels to the bullock carts are Raju of Saligrama (I), Bhoomika of Chikkanayakahosalli (II) and Madhu (consolation prize).