Weaving timeless designs

Weaving timeless designs

Designers David Abraham and Rakesh Thakore prefer to let their work do all the talking. They have an eye for detail and that shows in every garment that they make.  The duo work around traditional fabrics to not only revive it but give it a contemporary twist.

David and Rakesh always look forward to visiting Bengaluru not only because it is an important market but also because they love the vibrant culture of the city.

Recently in the city for the 'Blenders Pride Fashion Tour', David takes time off to chat with Nina C George about their latest collection and what keeps them

What is your latest collection about?

Our new collection brings together contemporary and casual outfits. We have worked with block printing to present it in a very modern way.  What comes through is the technique and finesse of the garment.

What inspires you both?

We draw our inspiration from the environment and the culture that we live in.  Sometimes, the markets that we sell could also become a source of inspiration. Our work is always the result of our environment and we prefer to reach out to our potential buyers through a language that we know.

Do you believe in infusing practicality in your designs?

Creating designs for the ramp or for fashion shows is just a platform for a designer to communicate to a larger audience his or design her philosophy. But designing for practical, everyday purposes is also what makes a designer's business run.  The best collections are the ones that capture the core beliefs of every designer.

Does designing for celebrities interest you?

We don't design for celebrities but there are celebrities who wear our clothes. Actors don't really have a style of their own. They are guided by their personal stylists. Styling celebrities does not interest us.

What do you think about the Bengaluru market?

Bengaluru is one among our sophisticated markets.

Do you come here often?

Bengaluru is very special for me because I did my schooling here and lived on Brunton Road for most of my childhood.  Bengaluru was beautiful in the 80s and 90s. I could walk down Brigade Road, without getting knocked down by a hundred people. Today, I can't even cross the street.

What is your design philosophy for the New Year?

We have always been a bit against trend. We advocate and believe in creating garments that ensure long-term quality and sustainability. Creating something for short term use, is to us, a wasteful proposition. We want to create garments that are timeless.

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