Agri varsity toppers want to help farmers in distress

Last Updated 09 February 2018, 18:53 IST

"I had dreamt of being a doctor and was also interested in biology. I can survive even if i do not become a doctor, but I will not be able to survive without food," said Sahana Bhat, one among the gold medalists who graduated from the University of Agricultural Sciences-Bangalore on Friday.

Sahana, who won eight gold medals and five donor gold medals for her BSc Agriculture degree, said that she understood that she could be of help in the field of food security especially when farmers are in a crisis. The increasing population in the country has lead to food shortage and malnutrition, she added.

Speaking about her future plans, she said, " I want to research on various varieties of foodgrains and be an agricultural scientist. I believe that through this, I will be able to help the farmers in the country."

Another topper, K P Saurabha from the department of B.Sc Agriculture, who also wanted to be a doctor, said that now she wants to be an agriculture officer and help the striving farmers.

Saurabha from Vijayapura bagged one gold medal and five donor gold medals. She said that she would like to return to her hometown to study further in the field of agriculture. "I want to curb various diseases affecting crops and focus on creating various varieties of crops," she stated.

The University also had toppers from postgraduate degrees. M S Udaykumar, one among the toppers got one gold medal and six donor gold medals in MSc (Plant Pathology).
Udaykumar, who too wanted to be a doctor, said that he is happy to have topped the subject.

S Soujanya, who got her doctorate, won a gold medal and two donor gold medals. She said that students of agricultural sciences should not limit themselves to books but also take up cultivation.

The university had 967 students graduating this year, among which 631 were undergraduate students and 272 postgraduate students. As many as 64 students received their doctorate degrees.

(Published 09 February 2018, 18:48 IST)

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