Suman plays abused wife in US film

Suman plays abused wife in US film

Suman plays abused wife in US film

Sandalwood actor Suman Nagarkar may have moved to the US but her heart still lies in Bengaluru. This is evident from her frequent trips she makes to the city.

Suman, who has earlier worked in films like 'Nammoora Mandara Hoove', 'Beladingala Baale' and most recently 'Ishtakamya' 'Re' and 'Jeerjimbe', has justed wrapped up work on a Kannada film titled, 'Babru', which has been entirely shot in the US. She was in the city recently to promote the film.

Talking about her role, Suman says, "I play a middle-aged woman who embarks on a road trip to get away from her abusive husband. The story takes a turn when she has two other strangers who travel with her in the same cab." She says that the film is slated to release in April sometime.

The film is directed by Sujay Ramaiah and produced by Yuga Creations and Suman Nagarkar Productions.

Suman, who is also producing the film, says that venturing into production has enhanced her experience of working on this project. "The film has been shot at important heritage sites and landmarks in the US. People will get to see a landscape that is entirely different from what is usually shot. The cinematography is something to watch out for," shares Suman.

Suman and Sujay have earlier worked together in 'Grey', a short film on piracy."I think piracy is an important issue that needs to be looked into and addressed on a serious note. Even after so many campaigns and awareness drives, people continue to promote piracy in some way. When films are being made at such high budgets, people must be inspired to go to the theatres and watch it," she says.

The actor has also been listening to a couple of scripts and is glad that most of the projects coming her way are off beat subjects. "There are a lot of directors in the Kannada film industry who have started thinking outside the box and moving way from the regular and predictable style of filmmaking. There's a surge of new talent and I am more tan excited to be a part of that,"she says.

Suman is also a marathoner. "There are a group of us who run marathons and train on a regular basis. We do strength training and run regularly not just in preparation for a marathon but also on a daily basis. Running, for me, is a way of life," she sums up.