Army Major under scanner for Pak links

Army Major under scanner for Pak links

Sources in the agencies, however, said no charges of spying have come so far against the officer.The agencies are not ruling out the possibility of his computer being hacked by Pakistani agents.

The Major, from whose computer the data about senior Army officials has been transferred, was called here and his questioning by different security agencies is underway. The officer was quietly called to Delhi about two weeks back.

The case came to light when some intercepts showed picture of a senior Army officer, on a sensitive training abroad, being transferred to Pakistan from the computer of a user based in Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Sources said the officer has claimed ignorance about the entire episode and said his computer could have been hacked.

The sources clarified that nothing can be held against the officer till detailed forensic examination is done.

Authorities have sent the computer for detailed forensic examination to a Hyderabad-based laboratory.