More bodies recovered from lost jet

Discovery of debris, bodies confirms search team were at or near the crash site

An air force spokesman in Recife announced the find, coming a day after the first two bodies — those of two male passengers — had been recovered.

The Airbus A330-200 plane with 228 people on board went down early Monday on a flight from Rio de Janeiro to Paris.

The gender of the three bodies recovered on Sunday was not immediately disclosed.
The bodies were recovered some 1,200 km northeast of the Brazilian mainland, with an intensive search for further victims and for the missing Airbus plane now underway in the area involving some 14 aircraft and several ships. The recovery of further victims from the crash came as investigators were now concentrating on a series of inconsistent airspeed readings sent by the plane in the final minutes of its flight, French Junior Minister for Transport Dominique Bussereau said on Sunday. “This series of readings represent the only real element for investigators at this moment,” Bussereau said.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for Brazil’s air force said the discovery of the bodies, along with the recovery of several Air France seats and a briefcase with an Air France ticket and a backpack, confirmed the search teams were at or near the spot the plane came down.

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