Open Sesame writer's garden

Open Sesame writer's garden

Open Sesame writer's garden


Although the wind
blows terribly here,
the moonlight also leaks
between the roof planks
of this ruined house.

Izumi Shikibu

 WORDS  are wizards or KNIVES!

They encourage as well as discourage,
They hurt us when said in a rage
They build and also ruin a bond
They make us hate  people we are fond of
They are “words” which the tongue spits,
Into people’s minds and hearts
They stand for wrong and for right
They show us things not in sight
They touch the folks for time unknown
They reveal secrets deeply sown
They are guns which shouldn’t be shot,
With us lifelong, like shadows they trot
If used well they are weapons sharp
If in fury they harm the best

Roohiya Fatima, 10th Std., St. Joseph’s Convent School, Gulbarga.

The Piano tumbling down!
Pitter-patter, pitter-patter
Down goes the rain
It is raining drops of liquid silver;
It rains so fast, as if it were
Running to catch a train.
Pitter-patter, pitter-patter
Now its companion comes along
Rumbling like, as if a
Piano is tumbling down.
Now they go together again,
To form another thunder shower.

Ashish Victor, Std. V, St. Joseph's Boys' High School, Museum Road, Bangalore.

 The Most Dreaded Day

She woke up with a start
The worst had come
For it was the tremor which                     
awoke her
The most dreaded day by some!
The most feared day
Had already begun
With no ray of hope
All there was left to do was run!
Just a millisecond before
The whole world could blow
She ran down the street
To see the earth engulfed in 
nature’s flow!
The buildings crumbled around her
Every tiny, little bit
Now all she could see
Was the dust which was alit!
She could heed people's screams
Their cry of terror
Or was it sadness?
It was all just horror!
She could hear many feet
Running around the bay
The grief she could not bear;
For the destroyed world after
her lay!
The very next second
She witnessed a huge wave
It swallowed the whole land
And not a bit could she save!
She closed her ears
And screamed in fright
She could no longer bear
The horrible sight which lay bright!
There were smithereens here
Many screams there
The most dreaded day
Finished the earth without any care
Nature's cruelty
She could not bear
How it had managed
To so painfully tear!
She wished with all her might
For this to end
The most dreaded day
Which no one could bend!
But she still walked on
Never to look behind
What the day had done
She didn't want to find!
But once she reached the end
She saw some bright light
For oh! My friends and foes
A new world in her path she could sight!
She never lost hope
Till the very ending
Until she woke up
And found that she was dreaming!!

Written By: Prakruthi Harihar,


Best Friends in school!
I went to school in a yellow bus,
 yellow bus, yellow bus
With all the children looking at the view,
looking at the view,   looking at the view
When I had a thought in my mind,
thought in my mind,  thought in my mind
That who will be my best friend
best friend,  best friend
The next day I made many friends
many friends, many friends
But I couldn't pick any one
any one, any one
So, I made them all my best friends
all my best friends, all my best friends
This is what happened first week of school first week of school
first week of school
I went to school in a yellow bus,
yellow bus, yellow bus

 Nithila Ramesh and Gunjan Karir 4th Std, SKCH (Sri Kumarans Childrens Home) Bangalore

 Beneath the mask

An unknown visage lay under the mask
It covered an ugly face claimed the wise and old
Here was a mystery waiting to unfold
The only thing visible were her tresses of gold

She spoke to all with humility and kindness
But they would not listen for they had heard
That her face was nothing but a hideous crust
She bore it all stoic and silent

'Enough! No more of this unbearable discrimination!'
In front of the whole town she tore off her mask
Everyone stared at her with complete admiration
They all regretted their heartlessness as she continued,

'When I was thought to be ugly I was an outcast
My appearance makes you smile but why didn't my generosity?

On a mission was I to correct your erroneous thoughts
For beauty will never triumph over personality!'

Malini Srikrishna
12 years, SKCH(CBSE)
7th Grade, SKCH(CBSE)

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