No cooking for parties!

No cooking for parties!

No cooking for parties!

no Hassles Youngsters these days prefer a quick party at a friend’s place.

“Everyone used to contribute a pound of food or drink to the party kitty. Usually, there was a big dish of chow or home-made chicken noodles that would be washed down with fizzy drinks (or beer for the more daring). It was guaranteed to sustain one right through the evening. Some Smart Alecs would bring in a large bag of chips or sugar as their ‘pound’ of contribution,’’ laughs Sharon White reminiscing about a simpler time in the City when young people were not spoiled for choice and there were few culinary and entertainment options available.

Today with time restrictions, a proliferation of global cuisine, larger paychecks and a much lower threshold of boredom, how do young people throw a casual party. “House parties are becoming more popular than ever before. We definitely prefer to meet in someone’s
home — preferably a bachelor friend or a young couple,” says Nikesh Noronha.

“Working people often cannot make it to restaurants with the 11 o’clock deadline looming over their heads. With door deliveries a ready option, entertaining at home has never been easier. No one bothers to cook a meal — we just pick up the phone and have it delivered.” Even potluck parties, where one is required to bring a cooked dish, are way too much trouble for Gen Next. And as for ‘pound parties’ — most haven’t even heard of the concept. “From what I remember, older folks used to talk about a traditional ‘pound party’ that involved contributions like flour, sugar, butter etc. It sounded a bit weird though. Pot luck parties are rather complicated to organise and involve cooking. Why bother when there are great take-away options just a ring away and with everyone splitting the bill — it’s easy and inexpensive,’’ says young professional Rupali Lasarado.

Going out to restaurants has definitely lost its lustre and young working people prefer to chill out in a friendly safe environment like a home. “Getting around the City, parking and watching the eleven o’clock deadline all add up to a nuisance when one can spend relaxed quality time with friends in the safety and comfort of a home,” she says.

Student Juanita and her buddies have barbecue parties when they want to get together. “Each one brings their beverage of choice and some marinated meat or veggies depending on taste and preference.The one who is hosting makes a salad, some garlic bread and provides the space and music. It’s a cinch to have a party at home without the hassle of mean cops and bad traffic,” she says.

Well, apparently, young people today believe that the secret to great entertaining has little to do with cooking skills or elegant collections of dinnerware. It’s about being hospitable, making your space warm, inviting and having a good time together whether it’s Chinese take-out or pizza!.