Where affection wags its tail

Where affection wags its tail

Benzie, a little German shepherd, breezed into the lives of my neighbours a decade ago. The little bundle of joy warmed up to them within no time and soon became a part and parcel of their lives with all the love and concern that was showered on her. She was gifted with the latest toys meant for young pups, the most nutritious food that money could buy and the most comfortable and trendy leash. The otherwise vegetarian family even compromised on their habit by cooking meat for the young one as per the vet’s suggestion.

The busy family members who spent long hours outside their home had no choice in life except leaving the little pup all alone in a locked house with all its paraphernalia. Soon they sensed a sense of loneliness had ensconced Benzie during their absence leaving her bored. They realised they had not done everything to keep their source of delight happy.

After great deliberation, they decided to adopt a golden retriever pup to give company to Benzie. Although they translated their thoughts into action they had their own apprehensions about leaving the two canines together at home especially in their absence.

But Benzie accepted Goldie with a grace which can easily put the older siblings of the human race to shame. She was absolutely gentle with the pup and showed not even the slightest signs of animosity or jealousy when the attention of the family members stood divided. She probably understood that Goldie was a gift given by her family to keep her happy. Year flit past, the twosome reigned the household. Goldie’s capricious nature was coped by Benzie in a matronly manner. She let the younger one eat first, fetch the ball first, go for a walk first among other things. The only time she took her initiative to be the first was when she died a quiet death at the most unexpected time.

She left a perceivable vacuum in the family. Months later, my neighbours brought home another German shepherd pup in the likeness of Benzie and duly named her Gypsy.

Goldie surveyed the young canine from a distance and took her time to reach Gypsy who was but six feet away. The duo kept observing each other for what seemed an eternity and slowly Goldie put her best paw forward and walked with trepidation up to the little doggie and licked her ardently.

The sight was worth its weight in gold for we could see the physical likeness of the deceased Benzie in Gypsy and her spirit in Goldie. When it dawned on us that the departed soul had imparted values by just being steadfast and affectionate it was certainly a humbling experience.