RTPS units crash again, generation badly hit

RTPS units crash again, generation badly hit

An enraged Jaamdar, who has the top brass of the RTPS in his sights for the abysmal performance of the power station, immediately ordered the transfer of RTPS Executive Director Nagaraj to Bangalore, replacing him with Bellary Thermal Power Station Executive Director Narayana Prasad. Five other officers have been issued show-cause notice prior to action, it is learnt.

Two days ago, Jaamdar had addressed the media, expressing his hope that all units barring 1 and 2 would be working by Wednesday and that the power station would be generating 900 MW power. He had riled against the bureaucracy holding out dire threats of punishing them for their inefficiency and dereliction of duty that had led to serious operational problems.

Half of installed capacity

The RTPS has seven generating units of 210 MW capacity each, totalling 1,470 MW. But units 1 and 2 are shutdown for modernisation, and with two more units going off the boil, the generation is at best likely to be half of the installed capacity.

The crisis at RTPS led to near-total power cut in the City from Thursday afternoon till Friday noon. According to sources, power supply will be interrupted over the next many days.