'All about cleaning out my closet'

'All about cleaning out my closet'


'All about cleaning out my closet'

Think again: Dresses, accessories and shoes fall in the 'never to be used' category.

Ever walked into a store and bought stuff that would be of no use to you at all?

It could be anything — from a pair of sexy stilettos that you can’t walk in to save your life to a pretty dress.

Or for that matter, accessories that look fabulous but don’t go with any of the clothes you have.

While most people shop for necessity, there are many who end up buying things, which are of no use to them. And they still buy these things thinking, ‘Someday I’ll wear it somewhere’. But that day never really arrives.

“Yes, I do this sometimes. It’s mostly because of the feel good factor and because these things appeal to me aesthetically,” says Neeti Chopra, a marketing professional.

Charlotte, a student says, “At times, you are just attracted to certain things because of the trends. Especially if you are a staunch follower, you make it a point to possess one of those metallic shades or jazzy yellow tops or whatever is ‘fashionable’. But you make no use of them when the trend dies.”

So it turns out, most women end up buying things purely without a reason.
“I have wasted money last year on stuff that I have never worn. They lie in my almirah and I wear them when I am sad just to make myself feel better,” says Neha, student.
So what falls in this category of beautiful but useless goods?

“My friend has a lot of sexy dresses in her closet and all of them cost a bomb. Even I have some clothes that I don’t even fit into anymore,” says Neha.

I fall for Converse and other brands of shoes, but they land up in my shoe stand accumulating dust as I end up wearing flip flops that are more comfortable,” says Charlotte.

“I buy a lot of pretty earrings that don’t suit me,” says Tanya, a B.Com student. “So mostly, I end up exchanging them with my friends,” she adds.

But why is it that women continue with this spending splurge in spite of knowing what is of use and what is not?

“I have done this once or twice but more often than not, the realisation happens only after you have made the purchase,” says Neeti.

“I try to make use of everything I have purchased but they see the light of the day only once in a blue moon,” she adds. “I guess women get carried away easily by the dynamic trends in fashion and love to keep up to the change. At the end of it, who doesn’t love shopping,” asks Charlotte.

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