No child's play

Dramatic Arguments

No child's play

All parents mouth the same dialogues to their children with the only difference being the extent of the melodrama. ‘I am your mother, so you should listen to me’, ‘You will understand my concern only when you become a parent’ and so on and so forth. It is all the same, which almost makes you wonder if all parents attend a secret parenting school.

“I don’t know how it happens but once you reach a certain age, your parents start saying things that you would have heard only from actors on screen,” says Ajay, a professional.

“And it never ends, not even after marriage,” he says. “Parents have their own points of view which do not change,” says Shravan V, a B.Com student. “It is just the generation gap. Parents will always tell you to study and pressurise you to do better,” says Abhiram, a student.

“Once all of us got low grades and blamed the teacher for strict marking,” says Prerna, a student. “My argument was that I had still stood second in class! But it only to get the response, ‘You have started arguing now? You don’t know how to behave’,” she adds.  At the same time, the teenagers bursting with energy behave as if they know everything in the world.

One can easily blame it all on the hormones that can’t be controlled. “Every time I look back at the last few years of my life, I wonder why I behaved like an idiot,” says Aman, an engineering student.

“Parents want you to be stable and youngsters want to avoid being that. And that always is a deadly combination,” says Arindam, a professional.  And it’s hilarious when they engage in a fight where no one really gets anyone’s point of view. “I think communication is the only key to this problem. Only if you interact with your parents, will they start to understand,” says Shravan.

“Or over time, you can just train your mind to block out unwanted stuff that you don’t want to listen to,” says Suchi, a professional. That is the state of equilibrium all of us are looking for.

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