Actor Faissal Khan opens up on nepotism in Bollywood

You can’t survive unless you know the craft: Actor Faissal Khan on nepotism in Bollywood

Actor Faissal Khan will soon be seen in the film 'Faactory'

Actor Faissal Khan. Credit: PR Handout

Actor Faissal Khan,  the brother of Bollywood star Aamir Khan, says that nepotism might help an artiste get a break but it does not ensure a long or successful career. In an email interview with DH, he added that one can survive in the film world only if he has a good understanding of the craft. He revealed that he is looking forward to his maiden directorial venture Faactory, which features him in the lead role.

Edited excerpts from the interview:

 What encouraged you to turn director with Faactory?

I got excited about the project right from the time the idea behind it was born. I started visualising the scenes and soon decided to take up the project.  As time passed, I decided to direct Faactory as I was involved in the process and had a particular vision about (for) it. The producers also backed me in this.

Why is the film titled Faactory?

The creative director came up with the title as nearly 70 per cent of the film has been shot in an actual factory. I think it's the appropriate title as the factory is a major part of the film’s narrative.

How easy or difficult is it for an actor to direct himself?

I'm an actor who has studied this craft and this helped me prepare myself for the role. I had a clear vision of what I wanted to deliver. The pre-planning process was pretty strong and all departments knew what was to be delivered. I also attended workshops with my co-actors.

The film Is not releasing in theatres.

Yes , the film is going to be released on an OTT platform.  They are a blessing for makers like me as the distribution lobby works on the star system.  They give theatres to ‘sellable’ people.  Streaming platforms give newcomers the chance to showcase their talent.

 What is your take on the nepotism in Bollywood debate?

I feel that you get a break but you can't survive unless and until you know your craft. You have to learn (hone) your skills as an actor. So only when you constantly keep working on yourself as an actor then you will survive. True talent will eventually come up (rise)

How do you deal with failure?

As an actor, you are supposed to work on your drawbacks and study yourself. It is important to study yourself and be open to your flaws.

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