Farmer reaps success in cultivating millets in Kadur

Farmer reaps success in cultivating millets in Kadur

Farmer Shettihalli Mallikarjuna in the backdrop of Baragu millet cultivated by him.

At a time when a majority of farmers have incurred huge loss following prevailing drought conditions in Kadur, here is a farmer who has achieved success by cultivating millets. 

Mallikarjuna, a resident of Shettihalli has successfully cultivated millets and is expecting good income. 

“Farmers can reap success and earn good income even in drought conditions. One needs to have a mindset to achieve success,” he said. 

Kadur has been facing drought-like conditions for the last four years owing to deficit rainfall.

However, this has not stopped Mallikarjuna from cultivating millets like “Oodalu,” “Korale,” “Navane,” “Baragu,” “Haraka,” and Ragi on 8 acres of land. 

He said inspite of health benefits from millets, not many farmers have taken up its cultivation. Farmers can tackle the problem of water shortage for crops by cultivating millets. The millets are also drought-resistant.

“I have spent Rs 2,000 per acre in cultivating millets and am expecting 18 quintal production. Millets are fetching Rs 3,000 per quintal in the local market. The straw of millets is good for cattle,” said Mallikarjuna. 

Stating that he had a tough time in availing seeds for cultivation, he said with the help of the officials from the Department of Agriculture, the seeds were brought from Davangere, Shamanoor and other areas.

He said that the farmers should be encouraged to cultivate millets and added that he has been consuming millets as food daily.

‘Same’ rice is tasty. Dosa, idli, roti, kadubu and payasa can be prepared from it, said Suma, wife of Mallikarjuna.

Remembering the help extended by the department, he said, “The Department of Agriculture has been supporting the cultivation of millets. Farmers should show interest in its cultivation.”