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Dear Madam,

I am studying in Class 11 (Commerce). I wish to know if Common Proficiency Test and Integrated Professional Competency Course are enough for qualifying Articleship training in ICWA, or I should have a BCom? Could you suggest some fields with reference to Accounts as well as the options available for commerce students for pursuing studies abroad?



Dear Anshul,

I would suggest you complete your basic degree before qualifying for ICWA. After your BCom or BBA or BBM, you can either pursue CA, ICWA, MCom, MBA, MBM, CFA, ACS and so on.  Specialisations in Accounts are Management Accounting, Financial Accounting, Income Tax, Cost Accounting, Investment Management, Actuaries, etc. These courses are offered in India and abroad. If you want to study abroad, take an English language test like IELTS / TOEFL / PTE. Countries like USA, Canada, Singapore, Germany would also require GRE or GMAT in addition to the English test.


Dear Madam,

I am a first-year MSc (Chemistry) student and aspire to enter the research field. Many advise me to attempt for the NET exam but I wish to pursue PhD abroad. Could you suggest me colleges in Europe and scholarships offered to Indian students? Also, let me know the requirements for being eligible for admission in these colleges.



Dear Namratha,

Before you apply for a PhD programme, you must research the net extensively and identify suitable universities and professors whose work excites you. You must then communicate with each of them individually and share your research interest. Do not worry too much about scholarships since most PhD programmes are fully funded. You should apply to a programme only when you find a professor in some university ready to accept you. Take the GRE and the IELTS exam. Carry out some research work outside the requirements of your curriculum and have it published. A high GPA in MSc, a good GRE and IELTS score with some published research work will strengthen your application.


Dear Madam,

I completed my BE in Information Science and Technology in 2018. I scored 55.91% and I had 4 backlogs throughout my Bachelor’s degree. I also had a year’s gap in between. I want to do my Master’s in Cybersecurity or Computer Science. I need your suggestions on the country and the university that I can apply.



Dear Soujanya,

There are plenty of universities that you can choose from depending on the country you want to go to. If you wish to study in USA, Canada, Europe or Singapore, take the GRE and TOEFL iBT. If you want to study in UK, New Zealand or Australia, take just the IELTS exam. 


Dear Madam, 

I am a student of Class 12 (Science). I have a keen interest in music. After my Class 12, I want to have a degree in music. I have heard about a lot of colleges in England providing courses in music. I want to know the process of admission in universities for undergraduate degrees and then masters. Please guide me for the process of admission. Does the admission depend on Class 12 results?

Sarang Shastri


Dear Sarang,

The admission process for an undergraduate degree in music for UK universities is through UCAS. You are expected to complete grade 12 and take the IELTS academic exam. While it is not necessary to have studied music at high school, some universities do give preference to students with a background in music. You could submit your compositions or recordings of your music performance as an additional application material to strengthen your candidature. For a Master’s programme in music, it is mandatory to have studied music at the Bachelor’s level.


Dear Madam,

I have a Master’s degree in Embedded systems from Uppsala University. Is this degree suitable for PhD or research position? Please guide.

Mohit BV


Dear Mohit,

If you are referring to the Swedish University, then your degree is certainly eligible for PhD. In fact, I would recommend you complete your PhD right there if you have the opportunity to do so. They are known for their research programmes. 


Dear Madam,

I have completed my Bachelor’s in Computer Application (BCA). I am interested in pursuing my Master’s in Information Technology or a Master’s in Information System in Germany. Please do let me know the eligibility requirements for Germany and the universities that accept 15 years of education. I have 2.5 years of IT experience as well.



Dear KR,

Generally, German Universities accept only our four-year programmes like BE or BTech. But with your work experience, they may make an exception. I would advise you to learn German at the Goethe Institute and take up their exams and clear at least two levels. Getting admission in German universities is highly competitive considering they are among the best and their education comes at a low cost or no cost. So, if you want to be accepted by them, your application should really stand out in terms of academic credential, work experience, projects carried out and soft skills. 


Dear Madam,

I am a second-year medical student. I want to pursue my residency in USA, UK or any other foreign countries. Do I have to wait until my internship is complete to apply? Is there any difference in pursuing MD in India and in other countries? Will I be able to get any scholarship? 

Vimarsha L 


Dear Vimarsha,

You have to wait until you complete your internship before heading abroad for your MD. For admission to a Masters programs in the UK like MD in Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Oncology, Diabetes, Psychiatric and Respiratory Medicine you need to write only an IELTS test as an entry requirement. USMLE is required for your medical licence to practice medicine in the US and PLAB is required for you to practice in the UK. For more on these exams, visit and