Dine with a view at Kaze, Lavelle Road

Dine with a view at Kaze, Lavelle Road

Kaze is located on the 21st floor in Lavelle Road.

If you are looking for a restaurant with a view, Kaze on Residency Road is the place to head out to. It’s located on the 21st floor of the building opposite Bangalore Club, so you know the greenery overlooking the club is going to beautiful. If you take a walk across the restaurant, you’ll even spot Vidhana Soudha, UB City and Kanteerva stadium. And the best part? It overlooks the busy traffic on Lavelle Road when you will be sipping on a smooth drink.

Kaze means wind in Japanese, and without a doubt, you will experience a lot of it. It’s a huge rooftop with plenty of open-air seating in the form of cosy cane furniture, sofas to lounge and tall bar seating. There’s a separate section for sushi and a chilled out bar section.

We went there on one of the rainy evenings, so something hot and crunchy is what we were craving for.

The ‘Prawn Hargaw’ had the right amount of crunch and spice that we were looking for. The prawn was cooked to perfection.

The ‘Oyster Tempura’ had a lemon citrus cream and crispy soy bean crumb. But here’s the thing – not everyone likes oysters or how it feels in your mouth. But if you’re in a mood to be adventurous, this is recommended. You will not get the slimy texture that one is afraid of.

The dimsums here a must-try. They are soft and depending on the filling, the crunchy and chewy element to it is perfect. We liked that the sheets did not stick to our mouths when we ate. The ‘Prawn and Pork Black Truffle Oil’ and ‘Chicken Crystal’ were the dimsums that we really liked.

We also tried ‘New Zealand Lamb Chops’ - grilled lamb chops rubbed in garlic and seasoned with salt and pepper – which was a simple yet complex in flavour dish. The meat cut right through and took the whole dining experience to a whole new level.

By the time we reached to the main course part, we were almost full. But we didn’t want to leave without trying their specialities.

The ‘Bibimbap’ is a rice bowl topped with marinated lamb or chicken, onion, shitake mushroom, teriyaki sauce, fresh egg with shredded nori and takuwan. It is definitely one of those dishes you can have to be full for the rest of the day. It was pleasantly filling and we ate the most we could with our almost-full stomachs.

If you want something lighter, the ‘Smoked Risotto’ is a good option. It was topped off with black truffle, buttered edamame, sichimi tagarashi and yaki nori.

Now on to the most important part of the meal – desserts. While there were a number of options to choose from, we opted for ‘Chocolate – 7 Textures’. It was a sinful experience with different textures of dark, white and milk chocolate.

Overall, it’s a beautiful place to take your date or just hang out with your friends and enjoy the view. It is heavy on the pockets but if you can afford to splurge once in a while, why not?

‘Kaze’ is located at 21st floor, 909, Skaav, Lavelle Road.