Warrior-inspired hairdos trending

Warrior-inspired hairdos trending

Chonmage, popularly known as a Samurai hairstyle, is a traditional Japanese men’s haircut which was crafted to hold a Samurai’s helmet firmly during a battle. Over the years, it became an irreplaceable part of the Japanese culture and a status symbol. 

Traditionally, warriors featured a shaved the top of their head, oiled the remaining long hair on the sides and tied it into a queue. It was then folded onto the top of the head like a topknot. However, this style evolved over the years to suit the taste of modern men, and today, it is back in many different avatars. 

Experts say it is one of the most classy hairdos that men can sport. 

“Essentially a warrior hairdo, the Samurai hairstyle, has been transformed into a top knot or to the popular man bun — to suit the modern era. Due to its warrior-esque appeal, the hairstyle is a smooth crossover between a classic yet grunge look that can be worn clean or messy, depending on the occasion,” explains Ryan D’Rozario, technical ambassador, Godrej Professional and Celebrity Hairstylist.

For men with long hair, this can also be an easy option for a bad hair day. “Simply scoop your hair into a ponytail, moving from the front of your forehead to the back, collecting them at the crown to form a tail. Secure the hair in a knot with an elastic or a hairband, and you are all set,” says D’Rozario. 

This fashion-forward style not only gives a cool and edgy look to your mane but is also a great way to enhance the facial structure and highlight prominent features. 

The popularity of the Samurai hairstyle did not escape Hollywood celebrities like Zayn Malik and Colin Farrell, who rocked this look effortlessly. 

Jaykishan Pawar, barber and manager training, Truefitt and Hill, says that late in 2018, the trend of long hair became a staple for men.

“From short hair cuts to maintaining buns, we saw a sudden shift in men’s hair trends. If they have mid-length hair, they usually go for a square layer or a long layered haircut,” he says.  

Those with long manes can experiment with a ponytail, long braids, long undercut or simply a Samurai hairstyle. The willingness to try out these funky looks comes from a desire to stand out in the crowd, points out Pawar.  

It is suitable for both a professional and casual look.

“Topknot is usually the most popular trend, we see,” says Pawar. 

As stylish as they look, maintaining long hair is a tedious job and needs a lot of care and patience.

“Make sure to use a shampoo that suits your scalp, live-in conditioners and serums are basic hair essential for frizzy hair. If you are using a styling product make sure to shampoo and get rid of it before going to bed. Leaving a product overnight can cause damage to your scalp,” he suggests. 

Bun and beard combo

Pair your samurai hairstyle with a full beard or a light stubble. The bun and beard combo gives a rugged manly look. And not to forget, takes it to a whole new level of sexy!

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