On my pinboard: Vijay Prakash

On my pinboard: Vijay Prakash

Vijay Prakash

Vijay Prakash, the ‘Belageddu’ singer, grew up with an ear for music. A native of Mysuru, he has carved a niche for himself not only in India but overseas as well. The song ‘Kavithe’ fetched him a lot of fame. ‘Saalutillave’ from ‘Kotigobba 2’, ‘Khali quarter bottle’ from ‘Victory’ and ‘Sanchari’ from ‘Dayavittu Gamanisi’ are some of his popular songs. He is one of the very few Indian musicians who has collaborated with Berklee Indian Ensemble. 


Dr Rajkumar

“Dr Rajkumar is undoubtedly one of my favourite actors. I’m not much of a movie person but I have liked his work. His acting and smooth dialogue delivery can make anybody fall in love with him. I always wonder how he managed to be both a good singer and a fine actor. Words can’t describe what ‘Annavru’ was.  I like all of his films.”


SP Balasubramanyam 

“I always look up to SP Balasubramanyam. He has been delivering the same quality of work from the start of his career. It is always an honour to be in his company. He is a constant inspiration to many. His song ‘Geeta Sangeetha’ from the film ‘Geetha’ is one of my favourites.”


Uppittu and Bisibelebath

“My food choices have changed over the years. My busy schedules and work demand that I stay fit. Hence, home-cooked is by far my favourite. ‘Uppittu’ is an all-time favourite dish. Being a cook myself, ‘Bisibelebath’ is the second choice for me.” 



“Travelling doesn’t excite me because my work involves a lot of it. But family trips are something that I look forward to. My visit to Iceland has been the best so far. The place is still undisturbed by urbanisation. It has preserved its originality, unlike many other places. Mysuru is another city that I would like to visit again. And when I am there, I make sure I enjoy the serene atmosphere which I never get to experience in Bengaluru and Mumbai.”


Arijit Singh

“Arijit Singh is a favourite. His wide repertoire and talent to sing just about any genre is what keeps him going. I am also more inclined towards soft pop music. Coming to Sandalwood, I like the song ‘Bombe helutaite’ from the film ‘Raajakumara’. I was a part of this epic song and that gives me immense pleasure. I connect to the song because it talks about the values of life.”


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