Aindrita changed my life: Diganth

The star couple reveal what has kept them going for 10 years, and the road ahead

The big day for actors Aindrita Ray and Diganth is just two days away.

The couple, who share excellent chemistry both on and off screen, will solemnise their decade-long relationship at a wedding ceremony on Wednesday, December 12, at a resort tucked away on the hilly outskirts of the city.

Busy with last-minute preparations, Aindrita and Diganth took time out to speak to Metrolife.

The actors, who starred together in such hits as ‘Manasaare’, directed Yogaraj Bhat and ‘Parijatha’, directed by  Prabhu Srinivas are all excited as they stand on the threshold of a new phase in their relationship. “We’ve discussed our wedding so many times, but I don’t think the news is going to sink in until the guests arrive and we actually get into the ceremonies, ” says Diganth. “I am marrying my best friend,” Aindrita pitches in.

Aindrita and Diganth believe they make each other feel complete. “We are total opposites and I guess that’s what brought us together. I have seen Diganth get angry only twice in the last 10 years but I lose my cool at the drop of a hat. His patience certainly makes up for my short temper,” says Aindrita.

Diganth acknowledges the relationship has changed him. “I was never the romantic one but Aindrita has put her all into the relationship. I’ve slowly learnt how to value and cherish that love,” he says. “We have grown and matured together.”

About what has kept them together for so long, Diganth says, “Aindrita gives me my space and she knows exactly what I want. I think it’s important to give each their space. And of course we trust each other and nothing can really shake that.” 

The couple say that they always wanted their wedding to be fun-filled. One of the first rituals to kickstart the three-day affair is the ‘haldi’ ceremony.

“The ‘haldi’ that will be applied on Diganth and me is what my mother has grown in our backyard. It is organic. This will be followed by a ‘haldi’ brunch. We will have live performances and a DJ playing the best of what the two of us love,” says Aindrita.

The pre-wedding bash and the wedding are being held at a resort near Nandi Hills, booked for three days.

The wedding will have only close family and friends. “We want it to be a private ceremony. We have made sure that we don’t invite too many people. We want to keep it simple and ensure that there’s no wastage of food or material that will be used during the wedding. There will be zero wastage,” says Aindrita.

Many things bind the couple. “One of the first things that drew me to Diganth was his love for animals and his commitment to the environment. He turned a vegetarian after he learnt about human cruelty towards animals,” she says. His interest, she says, added more meaning and strength to her own commitment to save stray animals. Another factor that makes this relationship special is the close bond shared between the two families. “Diganth always jokes that he is marrying me for my father. He and my father get along very well and Diganth’s dad was keen that we have a Bengali wedding. We all agree more than we disagree,” she says.

Off to Mumbai?
Aindrita and Diganth will stay focused on their careers even after the wedding. The couple intend to move to Mumbai in the long run since Diganth has made his Bollywood debut and Aindrita would like to try her luck there as well.

Star-studded guest list
Arbaaz Khan
Puneeth Rajkumar
V Ravichandran

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