Business executive-turned-speaker authors book on life

Business executive-turned-speaker authors book on life

Bengaluru-based executive coach and professional speaker Jay Kumar (Jay) Hariharan launched his third book ‘Rewire - How to Become the Leader of Your Own Life’ recently. 

Talking to Metrolife, he says his new book speaks of how leadership and life are connected. “How we lead our life affects our leadership behaviour and vice versa,” he says.

The book is a series of stories based on his personal experiences working as a coach.

He says, “I have not tried to come across as a sage. With my book, I am trying to narrate stories which could lead one to self-realisation; every individual is different, and the same equation won’t work with everyone.” 

Before becoming a coach, Jay handled the business side of prominent media houses. Wanting to do more in life, he decided to give up his 20-year career to become a speaker.

“I got to the top fairly quickly; I was also on my way to becoming a CEO, but then I realised that I would become a bad one. That’s when I started to ask myself deeper questions about what I want to do with my life. The question of the purpose of our work bothered me. I figured we can become a better person in the process of our work and positively impact other lives. That’s the moment I realised I wanted to become a coach,” he shares.

He says that it is his mission to positively impact a thousand businessmen.