Christmas games for everyone

Christmas games for everyone

Christmas for many is all about having fun with friends and family. Here are some fun games that will brighten up your Christmas eve.


Place different amounts of cash inside stockings; small amounts in some, a few larger amounts, and one big amount. In other stockings, place pieces of paper containing creative dares. Players pick a stocking at random, hoping to win the big prize.


In this game, an empty box with a small hole is tied around the player’s waist, with the box towards the back. The box contains ten little bells inside. The player gets exactly one minute to dance to music and throw out as many bells as he can without touching the box. The player who throws out the maximum number of bells wins the game.


The host wraps a large number of empty boxes of almost the same size and fills some empty bags with paper. Each player has to carry the ‘presents’ across the room. They have to carry as many as they can. Once all the players get to the other side of the room, the presents are counted. Whoever has carried the most number of presents wins the game.