Top designers’ tricks to look good

Top designers’ tricks to look good

Deccan Herald Metrolife Fashion show

The eighth edition of Metrolife Fashion Show kicks off today and students from colleges across the city are ready to battle it out for the top prize. Metrolife got some designers to offer tips and tricks to help participants stand out and be noticed on stage.

Manoviraj Khosla

 Bengaluru-based designer Manoviraj Khosla encapsulates exclusive, chic, trendy couture and pret for both men and women. His label stands out for its constant experimentation with these fabrics and infusing them with various textures and treatments to produce exceptional, original designer wear. Apart from taking individual pret and couture orders the brand also takes pride in designing uniforms for clients ranging from coporate houses and hotels to airlines and private yachts.

- Get your collection storyline and theme right

- It is important what kind of fabrics you will be using

- Stitching, construction and fitting of the collection must be perfect.

- Match hair, makeup, to set stage and design.

- Fittings must be perfect.

- Set the mood for your collection and match the music to the clothes.

- Footwear and the right accessories enhance the look.

- Avoid making clothes that don’t fit well.

- Lighting is of utmost importance.

- It is important to understand who comprise the audience.

Runa Ray 

The Bengaluru-based designer is one of the judges in the first preliminary rounds of the fashion show. Runa uses fashion to invoke a sense of responsibility towards the environment. Sustainability is the prime focus of her designs.

- Be yourself

You don’t have to try to be someone else. The audience looks for originality and keeping them engaged is important.

- Sustainable is in

Knowing your responsibility towards the environment is fashion consciousness in its true sense. Sustainable fashion is considered cool.

- Address your market

Know your audience and what they are looking for. If they can’t relate to what is showcased, then it might be of no interest to them.

- Tell a story

Let your collection tell a story. This is a good way to engage your audience and will help them you for a long time.

- Will you wear it?

Ask yourself if you would wear or buy your own designs. The functionality of an outfit is important.

- Season relevance

In the whirlpool of creativity, don’t forget the importance of season-friendly fabrics and materials.

- Uniqueness of product
Creativity is the key weapon of fashion. It is important to have your signature on each outfit you make. It will help you stand out and be different from the rest of the crowd.

Jattinn Kochhar

Delhi-based fashion designer Jattinn Kochhar launched his label at the age of 19 in the year 1991, without any formal training in fashion. He is known for his ability to amalgamate his soulful Indian heritage with true urban influences has been the foundation of his design ideology.

- Ensure clarity

Your collection should have clarity about what is that you want to share and everything has to be in sync with that.

- Balance creativity and practicality

Make sure that there’s a balance between creativity and the practical aspect. Fashion is something that you create from imagination and costume designing is something that requires research.

- Do not mix too many ideas

Do not put all your design elements in one go. Do not mix several ideas together. Make sure you strike a balance.

- Stay away from too much drama

It is best to steer clear from drama unless you are showing costumes. Fashion and entertainment are two different things. It is an art form like any other and must be treated that way.

- Presentation is key

The presentation must be strong. The mood you create must be around your collection. Wrong music can mess things up.

- Lighting is important

Lighting is important depending on the mood of the collection. Work with the light designer and he will give you suggestions.

- Choose the right accessories

Accessories make all the difference in complementing the look. Can’t go overboard, make sure you balance it.

- Be cool

Stay calm because things can go all wrong if you get nervous.


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