Will it be Arts, Commerce or Science?

Will it be Arts, Commerce or Science?


Which are the correct subjects for me? Whether it is Commerce, Arts or Science? Students are always confused about their choice of stream as it will either make their career or break it.

Difficult decisions : Students face a tough choice between Science, Arts and Commerce stream for higher studies.

Every student would ideally like to choose a stream that will enable them to have a career that leaves their life fulfilled.

However, it is very difficult to decide what one wants to do for the rest of his or her life at the tender age of sixteen or eighteen. Choosing the right stream of education to pursue is the first biggest academic decision a student makes in his or her career. It is also the one most filled with mistakes, ranging from choosing a stream at the wrong time to choosing it for the wrong reasons.

Choosing a stream should be based on an individual’s personal interests as it is the most important thing in a student’s life. There are plenty of students who switch their streams with due course of time as they think of wider career opportunities. “I had Commerce in my school and now I am doing Bachelor in Arts in Mass communication.

The reason why I took up Commerce was that there was no Arts stream in my school. Commerce is only related to business and chartered accountancy which I never wanted to do,” says Seerat Sethi who appeared for her 1st year exams in Gargi college from Delhi University.

It is important for students to pursue a stream in which their interest lies so that they are able to choose a career for themselves later which will give them the most mental satisfaction and a life that they will enjoy, much unlike Sonia Chabra who took up Commerce in school as all her friends took up the same.

“I never wanted to take up Commerce, but I took it as all my friends took up that subject. Later in college I did Political Science honours as I was always inclined towards theoretical subjects.” She adds, “When I got dreadful marks in Maths, I decided that Commerce is not my cup of tea and chucked it finally.”

There are many kind of pressures on students like parents and society. They want the best for their children and with these intentions often impose their career choices on their children. On the other hand, many students opt for the science stream even if they are not good at the subject just to keep their options open.

This belief is not valid any longer. There is no point in forcing oneself to take up subjects they are not good at. It is a common misconception that taking science in the eleventh standard offers the widest scope to a student. Each stream has a lot of career paths and options available in today’s day and age.

Like Roma Kumari, who had Science as her subject in school but later took up Political Science in college and now pursuing Masters in Spanish language. “After my schooling I did not get admission anywhere and hence dropped the idea of studying Science further. I am pursuing Spanish language as I think I would be able to earn more in future and be a professor in a reputed college.”

She added, “I still don’t know where I am going, but being a middle class girl I have to think about earning money.” Choosing a career is generally not a one-time decision, it’s a series of decisions made as you progress through different stages of life, experience, and responsibility.

“I had Commerce in school and later pursued Mass Communication in college. I was always good in debates and dramatics but, not in Commerce. I am really satisfied with my decision as I doing well in my career now,” said Mohit Kishore Vatsa, working with All India Radio.

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