CPM data blasts Gujarat development

CPM data blasts Gujarat development

CPM data blasts Gujarat development

The CPM on Monday came out with extensive data on economic development in Gujarat to “expose” what the party terms to be a “big lie” on the part of Narendra Modi.

The data shows that the state is suffering from low income for a large part of its population, unemployment, malnutrition, low wages and a high school dropout rate.

“The Gujarat model of development is one of exploitation of the common man in which Ambani and Advani prosper at their cost,” alleged polit bureau member Brinda Karat while releasing booklets on Modi’s Gujarat.

“Ninety per cent of the state population earns less than Rs 75 a day, while 40 per cent gets less than Rs 40 per day,” says the data.

It also shows a decline in the number of jobs and wages. The wage rates for males and females are almost half or two-thirds those in advanced states like Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Haryana.

The data also reveals that the average food intake in Gujarat is declining throughout and in rural areas, it is considerably lower than even the national average of 2,020 Kcal. In Gujarat, 61 per cent of rural and 56 per cent of urban households consume less than 2,700 Kcal, the recommended daily calorie intake.

“Gujarat, which tomtommed about being an advanced and forward-looking state under Narendra Modi’s stewardship, has school dropout rates that are considerably higher than the rest of the country, which includes traditional backward states,” said Karat. 

The average dropout rates from Class I to X is 58 per cent, which is very high compared to 49 per cent of the national average. This is still higher for SC and ST categories.

Arun Mehta, state secretary of the CPM, alleged that Modi was lying about the availability of drinking water and electricity in Gujarat. “Thirty-two cities in Gujarat are deprived of daily supply of drinking water, while farmers get only six hours of electricity. Over 1,000 applications for new electricity connections are lying pending for five years,” he said.

State is not riot-free

The CPM also alleged that Modi’s assertions on Gujarat being riot-free are false. “After 2002 as well, Gujarat has remained among the top four to six states in respect of intensity of communal violence. In 2013, Gujarat had the shameful record of being among the top five states in terms of number of communal violence. Sixty-six incidents were reported in that year,” says the CPM booklet.

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