Didi talks tough with 'naughty railway workers'

Didi talks tough with 'naughty railway workers'

Passenger security is of prime importance, says Mamata Banerjee

“A few railways employees, who are members of a union opposed to us, are deliberately delaying passenger trains. They are being naughty. I appeal to them not to do so,” Banerjee said, while flagging off half a dozen trains from Howrah station, the gateway to the city.

Asking the top officials of the South Eastern Railway and Eastern Railway to take caution, she urged them to isolate the “10-12” mischief mongers.

Banerjee said she had been told that these employees move trains very slowly the carshed to delay their departure times.

“As a first step, I am appealing to them. If this does not yield the desired results, then I shall see. Our top priority is passenger security. I cannot compromise with passenger security and amenity,” she said.

Banerjee said if a passenger train is delayed, then the department as also the railway employees earn a bad name.

She said it was the right of every railway employee to support the union of his choice, irrespective of its hue.

“I don’t discriminate between unions or employees because of their political colour. I maintain good relations with both affiliated unions. I consider myself a railway worker. And I hope eve7rybody will work together to serve the people,” she added.