Higher traffic penalties to come into force from Sept 1

Higher traffic penalties to come into force from Sept 1

Union Ministry of Road Transport (DH photo)

Some of the new clauses of the Motor Vehicle Act including higher penalties for violating traffic rules will come into effect from September 1.

Union Ministry of Road Transport on Wednesday notified the applicability of 63 provisions of the Motor Vehicle Amendment Act.

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These 63 clauses include penalties for traffic law-breakers, licenses, registration, and national transport policy, applying for driving license from any Road Transport Office in the state.

The provisions also include an online application for learners' license and change of residence address in the registration certificate.

For remaining clauses the Ministry would frame rules and notify them, said an official.

With the notification of new clauses, now the penalty for driving without license will be hiked Rs 500 to Rs 5,000, and speeding that was fined Rs 400 to Rs 2,000 will cost Rs 2,000 to Rs 4,000. 

Fine for drunk driving will be six-month jail or Rs 10,000 fine for the first-time offence and Rs 15,000 fine and two-year jail for the second-time offence.