Now IAS officers in Rajasthan to read a book on Modi's speeches

Now IAS officers in Rajasthan to read a book on Modi's speeches

Now the civil servants in Rajasthan will have to read a book comprising Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speeches on “good governance” during his tenure as Gujarat’s chief minister. 

On May 7, 2018, the Chief Secretary of Gujarat wrote a letter to his counterpart in Rajasthan in which it was written that coffee table book titled as "Chintan Shivir" will be sent to Rajasthan government to be distributed to IAS officers across the state. However, the letter mentions that book will be distributed only after a consent and formal approval by Rajasthan government. 

"The copies of the coffee table book titled as "Chintan Shivir" have been sent by the Gujarat government and will be distributed among IAS officers after a formal approval by the state government", state personnel secretary Bhaskar A Sawant said. Moreover, a file has also been moved to seek permission to distribute the books among officers. According to sources, Rajasthan Chief Secretary DP Gupta has moved a file to Department of Personal seeking action on the letter. 

As per the letter "Chintan Shivir" is a compilation of Modi's speeches during his tenure as the Gujarat chief minister from 2001 to 2014 on issues such as good governance, decision making and time management, among others.  The letter states, "The book Chintan Shivir is unique, as it has the initiatives taken by Shri Narendra Modi, without any precedent in the administrative history of the country". As per sources, Gujarat government is sending books to all the states ruled by BJP. 

However, opposition Congress has criticised the move and called it unethical. "Modi is trying to compare himself with Jawaharlal Nehru but there is a huge difference he needs to know. People buy his speeches but here Modi is trying to force his speeches on people", Congress state spokesperson Archana Sharma told DH. Further also stating this move as an insult to IAS officers, Sharma said"An IAS officer passes the highest exam of India. He does not need a book on Modi's speeches. His speeches hardly made any impact in Gujarat or India. So how will an administrator learn good governance from his books?"