Over 50 flights delayed at IGI airport

Over 50 flights delayed at IGI airport

Over 50 flights delayed at IGI airport

The problem occurred with the Common Use Passengers Processing System (CUPPS) at around 0230 hrs due to which the check-in counters of all airlines at T3 became non- operational.

The CUPPS is used at Check-in counters, transfer counters and boarding gates. This forced the airlines to opt for manual check-in and as a result passengers had to wait for longer period to check-in their baggage.

According to sources, out of 173 Common Use Passengers Processing System (CUPPS) counters only a third were funtioning online and computerised check-ins were done.

The system was restored at around 3 pm, after 11 long hour efforts by Information Technology staffs of ARINC, WIPRO and DIAL, which operates the airport. "Systems have been brought back fully online by the ARINC team in close coordination with Wipro IT engineers and DIAL IT team," a DIAL spokesperson said.

Due to technical problem impacting airport check-in system of ARINC certain airline counters went offline. "No flights were cancelled. However, some flights were delayed by 15-25 minutes," said the spokesperson.

The CUPPS operates on software and hardware driven platform that integrates all the information at the airport. Meanwhile, an Air India spokesperson said that out of 27 flights of the airline today, only five domestic flights were delayed due to the fault that affected the CUPPS (Common User Passenger Processing System) of DIAL at the T-3.

"No Air India international flights were delayed or cancelled on account of this problem," he said, adding that regular announcements were made to facilitate passengers at the terminal.