Raj slams Maharashtra Govt for refusing extra FSI to Sachin

Raj slams Maharashtra Govt for refusing extra FSI to Sachin

"It is very shameful of the Government to refuse a small amount of FSI to a world-known player like Sachin. He wanted to buy the FSI and had applied in a legal way," Raj told reporters.

The architectural firm in charge of construction had requested the Urban Development Department to allow the construction of a gymnasium, outside the available FSI, on the top floor of the four-storey house on Perry Cross Road in suburban Bandra. Department rejected the request last week.

"There are many outsiders in the city, staying illegally in slums. But the Government makes it legal or provides them with 300 sq ft of free housing (each). Then why Sachin's demand was not fulfilled, when he approached the Government in a legal way?" Raj asked.

Taking a dig at the Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan, Raj said, "Would Chavan clear away illegal constructions in the city if I brought them to his notice?"

Tendulkar's request for additional  FSI was rejected by the Government because the construction of 8998 sq ft house had consumed the available FSI fully.
FSI is a ratio between the built-up area and the plot area.

Also, under the Development Control (DC) rules, only the cooperative societies are given additional FSI for a gymnasium or similar structures, UD sources said.