TDP stalls 'Rakht Charitra' shows in AP over NTR's depiction

TDP stalls 'Rakht Charitra' shows in AP over NTR's depiction

The controversial film, which Verma claimed was based on real-life faction feud between slain TDP leader Paritala Ravindra and his opponents in Anantapur district, hit the screens today in the state with actor Vivek Oberoi playing the lead role.

Tamil actor Surya also stars in the film, but his portion would be added next month in what Verma says is a new trend.

TDP workers took strong objection to three main scenes in the film including one that sought to portray N T Rama Rao as a "timid" person.

Relenting to the TDP protest, Verma announced late in the evening that he would delete that particular scene and also other portion, if NT Rama Rao's family felt offended.
The controversy notwithstanding, the film opened to packed houses across the state.

However, after the noon show was screened, TDP workers took to the streets and held protests in front of the theatres screening 'Rakht Charitra'.

Screening of one show of the film was stopped in Vishakhapatnam and Anantapur districts, police sources said.