Audiogate: Sharanagouda registers complaint with cops

Audiogate: Sharanagouda registers complaint with cops

Sharanagouda, son of Gurumitkal JD(S) MLA Naganagouda, submitted a complaint to Devadurga police station in connection with the audiogate incident and also provided the evidence to the superintendent of police here on Wednesday.

After handing over the audio evidence to the SP office, he told reporters, “I have given a CD, which has all the details of money, place and who had called me from the BJP, to the police. When I turned down their offer, they threatened me that they will finish me off politically.”

He said, “I could not sit quietly as BJP was giving troubles to the government everyday. I was waiting for an opportunity. It’s all pre-planned. This is a sample to BJP”.

Stating that the chief minister’s name should not be dragged into this incident, Sharanagouda said, “There were thick rumours that some Congress and JD(S) MLAs will go to BJP. It is true that I had called the chief minister on that night to clear the misunderstanding of our leaders and Gurumitkal voters that we will go with them. The chief minister had said if I want, I could go.

That night, (BJP MLA) Shivanagouda Naik had called me. He gave the phone to Yeddyurappa and later I went Devadurga IB with Naik.”

To a question about Yeddyurappa’s statement that he (Yeddyurappa)
was not there when the Speaker and judge’s topics were raised, Sharanagouda said, “Former chief minister Yeddyurappa, Shivanagouda Nai, Preetham Gowda, I and Maramkal were there.”

He said he is with Kumaraswamy. “I am with the chief minister. He was under torture every day to run the government. I wish he should be the chief minister for five years.”

Sharanagouda said he has received life threat following all these developments.