IS CPI's post at south station jinxed?

IS CPI's post at south station jinxed?

Action continues

It seems the post of circle police inspector (CPI) at south station is jinxed.

Gopalakrishna who was decorating the seat at the station earlier to Nemiraj was suspended not once but twice, before his transfer to district civil rights enforcement cell in Mangalore.

He was suspended for the second time for arresting innocents for the murder of a masseur  on the outskirts of the city. The masseur who was living alone was found murdered at his house by the housemaid. Four youths had been arrested on the charges of befriending the victim, before hacking him to death obviously for the want of quick bucks.

However, a journalist had petitioned the higher ups in the department claiming the investigation as a farce for the inspector framing the innocents in the case. Eventually, he was suspended for sometime, before he was shifted to Mangalore during the mass transfer of officers.

Earlier to this, Gopalakrishna had been suspended for dereliction of duty in the case of demolishing of a house in Jettihundi on Bogadi road.

 The victims in the case had complained that the officer had preferred to remain in oblivion when the private parties took law into their hands and demolished a house pushing the inmates into the streets. Now, it’s the turn of Gopalakrishna’s immediate successor Nemiraj to face the heat. He has been shifted to the district police headquarters for allegedly charging a youth. 

The youth Manjunath of Doddakanya here had been allegedly taken for a ride by three including Mahadevappa a constable at the same police station.

The constable and two others- Jawaregowda and a woman had promised the youth a government job and had also received Rs two lakh for the favour to be done. However all went awry and the youth attempted suicide blowing the lid out of the case.

Mahadevappa was suspended prior to the action taken against Nemiraj. What went wrong for Nemiraj was summoning the youth to the police station and thrashing him during the course of settlement.