Rain gratifies arid Earth in Chikkaballapur

Rain gratifies arid Earth in Chikkaballapur

Relief at last

Rain gratifies arid Earth in Chikkaballapur

 The summer, as usual, meant shortage of water, but if the condition continued even during monsoon it meant a bleak future.

Distraught by the acute drought that struck the district, the citizens have found a new breath of life in the showers.

Daily work continues as usual, but there is a spring in the steps of the people, brought about by the rain. The fragrance of the wet soil and the breeze only complement the showers.

Better late

The rain has finally arrived, albeit a little late. Farmers are not complaining, but prefer to feel relieved than angry. In the towns and also Chikkaballapur City, residents just hope the rainwater does not fill up the potholes on the streets and make life hell for them.

Staff members of the Health Department are wary of stagnant rainwater leading to mosquito attacks and epidemics and are striving to spread awareness among the public.

Panic stricken

The delay in monsoon and the rapid drying up of borewells had given rise to virtual panic among the citizens. They had started to undertake all kinds of prayers and conventions to appease the rain gods, praying for the annual rain.

That the gods opted to listen to them has indeed gratified the people of Chikkaballapur.
“The drought in the district during the last year and a half had not only frightened us, but also made us extremely unhappy. Now that it has rained, we have breathed a sigh of relief, since it means good news for both drinking water supply and agricultural activities,” said N M Chandrakanth, speaking to Deccan Herald.

Helping farmers

He said the Agriculture Department officers are ensuring farmers are provided information and necessary help to carry out work on the fields in the backdrop of good rain even as farmers have commenced on ploughing and sowing with enthusiasm.

“The only people who are worrying a little are the residents in the urban areas. The condition roads that are already in poor shape will be affected further by heavy rain. But the city administration is taking no steps to ensure there will be no such problems as they have not repaired any of the dilapidated roads,” Chandrakanth said with a sense of disappointment.