'Rise in wild animals in Kudremukh'

'Rise in wild animals in Kudremukh'

Speaking to Deccan Herald here on Tuesday, he said that a serene atmosphere prevails in the region after mining activities were stopped. This will cater increase in the reproduction of wildlife, he added.

River Bhadra clear

The river Bhadra was polluted when mining activities were being carried out earlier. It has become clear after mining activities were stopped. Moreover, there is drastic change in the ecology in the region too, Korse said.

Orchid plants are seen growing lavishly at many places and environment has been purified.
The oxygen-level in the water too has been increased, he said adding that the result will be visible within five years. 

Another member of the Task Force Gajendra Gorasukudige pointed out that the number of bison and deer has  increased considerably over the years after the winding up of mining operation. “This is a great news and a positive sign,” he said

Wildlife Board Member Girija Shankar called upon local people to co-operate with the Forest Department to prevent non-forest activities in the region.