Minister appeals for donations for zoos

Minister appeals for donations for zoos

Zoo Authority of Karnataka (ZAK) member secretary B P Ravi explains about the zoos under ZAK to District In-charge Minister S T Somashekar at Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens in Mysuru on Tuesday. ZAK Chairman Mahadevaswamy, member Gokul Govardhan and

Mysuru District In-charge Minister S T Somashekar appealed to the people, to adopt animals and to give donations to the zoo of Karnataka, including Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens (Mysuru Zoo) in Mysuru, as they have no revenue since the Covid curfew and Covid lockdown were imposed, from April 23.

It has to be recalled that the Mysuru Zoo and other zoos under the Zoo Authority of Karnataka (ZAK) suffered loss of revenue since March last year, due to the Covid pandemic, mainly during lockdown. Somashekar, also Cooperation Minister, had donated huge sums himself and had mobilised donations from his Assembly constituency and also from other places for the Mysuru Zoo. Following his appeal, many people from across the world, especially NRIs, donated funds.

On Tuesday, he visited the Mysuru Zoo and interacted with the officials of ZAK and also Mysuru Zoo. “In view of the Covid crisis, the zoos are closed for 28 days for visitors, during Curfew and lockdown. It is a precautionary measure, in the interest on both, visitors and animals in the menagerie. However, to sustain the zoos, we appeal to the people for support. We will contact those who adopted the animals and also those who donated money last year and appeal to them to renew their support," he said.

ZAK member secretary B P Ravi explained about the zoos to the minister and said that no animal of the zoos have been infected. “In five of the zoos, under ZAK, there are big cats like lion, tiger and leopards. There are chances of Covid infection to them, like it happened in a zoo in Hyderabad. That infection would have caused by an asymptomatic caretaker. We have been following all guidelines issued by the Centre. We are keeping a close watch on the animals. If they have infection, they would get cough and then reduce food intake. But, so far, no such symptoms are observed,” he said.