No illegal sand mining in Paluru, say villagers

No illegal sand mining in Paluru, say villagers

There is no illegal sand mining in Paluru village. Some miscreants are making baseless allegations to disgrace the village, said Paluru resident Bolliyanda Harish.

Speaking to media persons, he said that following a recent incident where a labourer drowned in a stream near the village, the whole incident was being presented in a distorted way. The labourer who died is identified as Vasanth.

“Some vested interests are making it appear that he died due to illegal sand extraction. Rumours are being deliberately spread that the Napoklu police have manipulated the case,” he said.

Harish said, “There is no illegal sand extraction in the region for the last year. Labourers Vasanth and Krishna had been transporting stones for road works. When Vasanth got into the stream, he was washed away by currents, as stated by his co-worker Krishna.”

Planter Mandaneravanda Nanda Ganapathy said that the two labourers Vasanth and Krishna were collecting stones to repair the pothole-ridden road leading to his plantation. “After loading stones into the jeep, they both went to wash their legs and Vasanth was swept away by the currents in the stream. How can one interpret this as illegal sand mining?” he asked.

Napoklu Bajrang Dal president B M Prateep said that some miscreants had created stories to tarnish the image of Napoklu police and Paluru. The villagers should be cautioned against such acts, he said.

Pradeep urged the police to initiate stern legal action against the spreading the rumours.

Harischandra temple, Paluru priest Kiran Kumar and leader Cheruvalanda Neeran Nanjappa were present.