100 buffalo pairs to take part in 'Sathya Dharma'

100 buffalo pairs to take part in 'Sathya Dharma'

As many as 100 pairs of buffaloes are expected to participate in ‘Sathya Dharma’ Kambala scheduled to be held at Kakkapadavu Myra Bharkajaalu, near Uli village, in Bantwal taluk on November 30.

The traditional buffalo race in slush muddy waters, initiated seven years ago, is being organised for the first time by a rural youth organisation Shri Ramanjeya Gelayara Balaga, Kambala committee President Ravi Kakkapadavu Subrahmanya said.

The Kambala is being organised in six categories - ‘Kane Halage’ (Rounded wooden plank is tied to buffaloes), ‘Adda Halage’ (Horizontal wooden plank tied to buffaloes), ‘Hagga Hiriya’, ‘Hagga Kiriya’, ‘Negilu Hiriya’ and ‘Negilu Kiriya’.

‘’While most of the Kambalas are named after mythological warriors and names of villages, the committee decided to name the Kambala in Kakkepadavu as ‘Sathya (meaning Truth), Dharma (meaning righteousness)’ in order to have an identity of its own,’’ sources added.

The Kambala will be witnessed by Bantwal MLA Ulepady Rajesh Nayak (who is also honorary president of Kambala committee) and the entire cast of Kannada film, ‘Kanasu Maratekke ide’.

District In-charge Minister Kota Srinivas Poojary, Tourism Minister C T Ravi, BJP President Nalin Kumar Kateel and entrepreneur Ashwath Hegde are expected to present the prizes to winners of the Kambala.