20 Sakhi booths in Chikkamagaluru

20 Sakhi booths in Chikkamagaluru

A total of 20 Sakhi polling booths will be set up in Chikkamagaluru district.

The Sakhi booths are set up in those areas where women outnumber male voters. 

Chikmagalur Assembly segment will have 12 Sakhi polling booths while the remaining four Assembly segments will have two Sakhi booths. 

The 20 Sakhi polling booths have 9,283 women, 8,724 men and 1 transgender voter.

Sakhi polling booths will be managed by women polling officials. A total of 80 women employees will be deployed in the 20 Sakhi booths. 

Shakunthala, a homemaker from Ramanahalli said, "Last year, I had cast my vote in a pink booth. The booth was decked with pink colour." 

Chikkamagaluru district has 9,26,035 voters, of which 4,63,973 are women voters. Udupi-Chikmagalur constituency has 14,94,444 voters, of which 7,64,105 are women voters.