Revive economy through Swadeshi Andolan: Baba Ramdev

Revive economy through Swadeshi Andolan: Baba Ramdev

Yoga expert Baba Ramdev said that people do not realise that blaming Modi government and simultaneously using foreign brand products will not yield better results.

Speaking at the last day of his five-day Yoga camp here, Ramdev called upon people to use Make in India products. The only way to revive the economy is to take up Swadeshi Andolan, he said.

Urging people to go for truly indigenous products, Ramdev said the reason behind poor value of Indian Rupee is that people in India embrace foreign brands and foreign companies do not invest their money to serve the nation.

He said foreign companies have not done any social work in India though they exploited the mind and money of the people here. Using foreign branded goods is absolute slavery, he said.

He also said that Ram Mandir in Ayodhya will symbolise unity and also enable peace in the country.