Panel suggests rural residential science schools

The Vision Group on Science and Technology, a panel headed by eminent scientist Prof C N R Rao has proposed establishment of special-purpose science residential schools in rural areas of the State to harness rural talents.

To be called Karnataka Nava Vijnana Paatha Shaale(KNVPS), the group has suggested to set up four schools in North Karnataka and Hyderabad Karnataka. Prof Rao, who is also the Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Council to the Prime Minister, will soon meet the chief minister to obtain sanction for the project.

The setting of these schools require a sum of about Rs 10 crore, equivalent to the expenditure incurred by the Central government on its Kendriya Vidyalaya schools.  The Group has asked the Director of Pre-University Education and the Director, Department of State Education and Research Training(DSERT) to work out a concept paper and financial estimates, including infrastructure costs for the programme.

The concept paper will define the the broad objectives of the programme, and also implementation details such as strategies, components of the scheme, monitoring and evaluation. The paper will also explore how the schools could interact with other institutions such as the PU colleges and mode of state support. The PU Education Department officials said the concept paper is currently under preparation and would be submitted to the state government before the end of the year.

TV programmes

The Vision group has also approved the production of science television programmes and has identified two firms for the purpose. It has also approved a proposal by the PU Education Department to upgrade science laboratories in 20 pre-university colleges at a cost of Rs three lakh each. The group will also approach the government for more funds for its K-FIST programme which seeks to enhance infrastructure facilities in higher educational institutions.

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