Mysuru Dasara: Captain Arjuna tops in weight too

Mysuru Dasara: Captain Arjuna tops in weight too

The Dasara elephants, lead by Arjuna, being weighed on Dhanwantri Road, in Mysuru, on Tuesday morning. Veterinarian Dr Nagaraj is seen.

Arjuna, the Dasara veteran elephant, continues to be the heaviest among his team members. The first team of Dasara elephants, which arrived on the Mysuru Palace premises on Monday, were weighed on Tuesday morning.

The Dasara elephants were brought to Mysuru on August 22 after Gaja Payana ceremony at Veeranahosahalli, in Hunsur taluk. After Gajapayana, they were housed at Aranya Bhavan in the city.

While Arjuna weighed 5,800 kg, Varalaxmi was 3,510 kg, Eswara 3,995 kg, Dhananjaya 4,460 kg Vijaya 2,825 kg and Abhimanyu 5,145 kg. Like the previous few years, Arjuna is expected to carry the golden howdah and lead the Jamboo Savari. However, the State should take a decision in this regard and communicate to the Forest department.

As compared to last year, on arrival, Arjuna's weight has increased by 150 kg. Last year, on arrival, he weighed 5,650 kg. But after being nurtured for the last Jamboo Savari, his weight had increased to 6,110 kg. The Dasara elephants are served a special diet to provide both nutrition and stamina on arrival at Mysuru. The rehearsal for the Jamboo Savari beings on Wednesday morning.