What's on your reading list next?

What's on your reading list next?

Consider these titles...

Living hell 
Vivaan Shah
Penguin, 2019, pp 303, Rs 250
Set against the low-life Mumbai, this fast-paced novel shoots Nadeem Chipkali, a lazy man, into a dizzying world of murder and conspiracy. When he finds his neighbour as a dead man, Nadeem’s life gains strength as he takes the help of a motley crowd to navigate the mess.

Belt and road: A Chinese World order  
Bruno Macaes 
Penguin, 2019, pp 227, Rs 599
Covering almost 70 countries by land and sea, China’s Belt and Road strategy will affect every element of global society — from shipping to agriculture, digital economy to tourism, politics to culture. The author traces this extraordinary initiative’s history. 

The Prince 
Samhita Arni  
Juggernaut, 2019, pp 339, Rs 499
The Chera king’s first son, also the crown 
prince, Shenguttuvan, is getting ready for his 
engagement to a Velir princess. But all hell breaks loose when an astrologer predicts that the second 
son Uthiyan is destined to be greater than his 
elder brother.

American Pop
Snowden Wright 
William Morrow, 2019, pp 400, Rs 1,300
Meet the Fosters — founders of the world’s first major soft-drink company — against the backdrop of more then a century of American cultural history. They moved from Mississippi to Paris to New York and back again, and their story is one of ambition, passion and tragedy.

A night in the hills 
Manav Kaul 
Westland, 2019, pp 214, Rs 299
A tourist is baffled by his taciturn companion on a dark and scary night in the hills. Two teenage boys compete to win a girl’s heart, the old-fashioned way, through letters. These are but two stories from 
the collection of  short stories set in the unnamed 
villages and towns of India.

A Short History of Brexit 
Kevin O’Rourke
Penguin, 2019, pp 320, Rs 1,151
A leading economic historian of his generation 
explains not only how British attitudes to Europe have evolved, but also how the EU’s history explains why it operates as it does today — and how that history has shaped the ways in which it has responded to Brexit.

When reasons end 
Yiyun Li 
Penguin, 2019, pp 192, Rs 1,045
In a dialogue between a mother and son, with the 
son now dead, the mother’s fierce love and 
the duo’s complicated relationship come through. 
The novel also shines light on the mother’s passion for language, poetry, and captures the intimacy in the grieving process.    

The Joy of Work
Bruce Daisley 
Penguin, 2019, pp 224, Rs 524
Having been at the helm of companies like 
Google, YouTube and Twitter, the author’s interest lies in workplace culture. Here, he covers all aspects of 21st-century office life, tackles key questions, and 
offers down-to-earth practical answers.