Upskilling helps improve career prospects

Upskilling helps improve career prospects

Upskilling includes your technical skills, ability to gauge future, leadership quality, zeal, aptitude etc.

A new year is a great time to look back and reflect on whether you achieved everything you wanted or not. As a student, studying in whatever stream, you may have come to the realisation that things are changing at breakneck speed, and you need to upgrade your skills to survive. With competitions getting tougher, upskilling is your only way out if you want to survive the competitive market.

With a number of websites that offer free courses or tutorials as well as workshops and classes that are available offline, there are hardly any barriers to upskilling. With a little determination and hard work, anybody can learn anything and everything under the sun.  

Augment your employability

If you have already done the self-reflection, you may know what areas you need to improve if you want to get your dream job this New Year. Upskilling is not a fad but rather it’s essential for students and aspirants across the globe. There are many benefits of upskilling, such as :

It boosts confidence. This helps accumulate accolades, bag awards, opportunities, promotions, and ultimately your dream job. It is the reflection of your daily work and output. With upskilling, you can enhance your employability aspect and professional appeal. 

Upskilling includes your technical skills, ability to gauge future, leadership quality, zeal, aptitude etc. People who are successful in their fields take chances to create new paths to success. Upskilling emanates your future preparedness; thus, learning the latest in your industry will be highly instrumental in adding to your professional appeal. It will be helpful throughout the hiring journey.  

Career opportunities

After polishing up existing skills and getting a handle on the new ones, seek opportunities to pursue your dream career. New career prospects come banging at the door when one upskills. Remember, the thing about upskilling is that individuals are making themselves marketable so that potential employers can know their worth and what value they can add to their company.

The goal is to get out of the comfort zone as there is more to it than what you learn in college. And as we learn new things, we will automatically be making ourselves a master in the subject.

With better career opportunities, individuals can also experience new work culture, work under more experienced professionals, and may also get to train the prospective employees and teams. 

It can also bring newfound freshness to any career as through the process, individuals come across things that excite and challenge them. In that way, it will never stop the learning phase and we will keep on learning new things.

As a student, you are showered with a plethora of opportunities but it is up to you to determine which opportunity will work best for you and your career. 

(The author is with Jigsaw Academy)

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