Maya slams BJP, media for 'twisting' SC observations

Maya slams BJP, media for 'twisting' SC observations

Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) supremo Mayawati. (PTI File Photo)

BSP supremo Mayawati on Saturday slammed the BJP and media for what she claimed was  "twisting" the Supreme Court's reported "observations" that the money spent on her statues should be returned to the public.

"Kindly do not distort the observations of honorable supreme court," Mayawati told the media in a Twitter post on her account.

"We are sure that we will get justice from the SC... it is better if the media and BJP do not become like kites cut from the strings," the BSP leader said.

She also said that memorials and statues of the "Dalit" icons were tourist attractions in the state from which the government benefitted.

BSP leaders here also said that the observations of the apex court did not amount to verdict.

The Supreme Court chief had on Friday said that Mayawati "has to return the money spent on her statues and elephants (the BSP symbol) to the public exchequer".

Scores of statues, including those of icons of the Scheduled Castes, such as BSP founder Kanshiram, elephants and Mayawati, had been erected in the state capital and Noida during the BSP regime in 2008.

The then Opposition parties had sharply criticised Mayawati for spending public money for erecting her own statues.